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 Ad Serving:

Ad serving is the technology that helps to place advertisements on web sites. This technology provides software to the websites and advertisers to serve ads.

The purpose of ad serving is to deliver ads to the users.

Functions of Ad Serving:  

The functions of an ad serving is an integral part of running an online advertising tool in making sure that the advertising content is being displayed where and for whom it is intended. Those functions are;

  • Upload advertisements and rich media.
  • Traffic ads according to differing business rules.
  • Target ads to different users.
  • Clicks, post-click and post-impression activities and interaction metrics.

Get Ads on T Infocity:

  • T Infocity have the promise of good ad placement.
  • T Infocity makes your ads more attractive.
  • Create advertise and then show it across TJA and T Infocity websites to improve your reach.
  • Over ten thousand people visit this site every day.
  • Advertising on T Infocity helps you find new customers and build relationships with them.

Cost for an ad:

 Advertising cost can depend on the size of your audience, and the quality of your ad. For more information kindly contact us through e-mail: /

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